International version – Purple Words

We are happy to announce that we will create an international version of Purple Words in English! Therefore, we are looking for English speaking collaborators. You are free to contact us on Facebook if you have the following skills:

– WordPress.
– Publishing.
– The ability of getting interviews (until now, we were focused on people who are relevant in their fields or people who, even as anonymous, have made great things. Again, ask and we would see how could we make it fit in the magazine).
– Writing interesting articles (could be in the fields of culture, literature, politics, economics, travelling… almost anything! and if you wonder if we’ll like it, just ask us! Don’t be afraid!).
– If you consider yourself a books/films/music constructive critic.
– Of course, English! Other languages are welcome when it comes to translating the materials we may get, but we can’t make a version of the magazine in each language! (Yet! :)).
– Social media.
– Proofreading.
– Maybe some marketing? (we want to find some sponsors so any help is welcome!)

And please, comment, like and share!